Non-Corosive Acid (NCA)

Mother Earth's Non-Corrosive Acid (NCA) is a unique chemical compound. The product displays many features that, until now, were unknown to the scientific chemical community. NCA is the stabilized form of Hydronium, the acid radical common to all acids. Prior to this discovery, Hydronium (H9O4) has never existed in a stabilized molecular form. NCA has an ultra-low pH, i.e. <0.1, yet it is completely non-corrosive to the skin and mucus membranes. NCA is an environmentally safe alternative to the use of strong acid such as Hydrochloric, phosphoric or Sulfuric acids in many applications.


1 Gallon NON-COROSIVE ACID (NCA) - $61.25

2.5 Gallon NON-COROSIVE ACID (NCA) - $156.55

5 Gallon NON-COROSIVE ACID (NCA) - $297.25