Delivering Heavy-Duty Clean – 100% Green

Heavy trafficked floors in industrial and commercial kitchens, high-use bathroom and shower facilities require deep and frequent cleaning. Dirt and grime have often become ingrained into the floor’s surface pores, grout, corners and cracks making effective cleaning difficult. The oil and grease deposits act as a strong glue keeping dirt particles deeply embedded while often damaging the floor itself. Most cleaners and even power washing are ineffective when applied to floors this greasy and dirty. The result is slippery, dirty floors that never look truly clean.

Mother Earth Eco-Remediation’s innovative, 100% green Dual ActionPLUS Floor Cleaner has been successfully engineered to tackle this problem. It achieves superior cleaning results by combining effective, non-toxic detergents with grease microbes. The green detergent formula attacks normal day-to-day grime while the microbes aggressively attack and digest the grease, lifting built-up dirt to the surface so it can be washed away. Deep-set old stains are eliminated within weeks of use. The PLUS action extends the product’s cleaning power as runoff into floor sink and shower drain conditions the drain system, helping to eliminate organic drain build-up, the culprit of most drain-stoppages, down-pipe blockages and odor issues.

Using Mother Earth Eco-Remediation Solution helps rejuvenate floors without exposing employees to hazardous chemicals, sending harmful toxins down the drain or damaging floors. Mother Earth Eco-Remediation’s DualActionPLUS Floor Cleaner truly unleashes heavy-duty fierce and totally green cleaning power.

Mother Earth Eco-Remediation’s Dual ActionPLUS Floor Cleaner run-off remediates Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and other organic waste in floor sink drains and lateral lines. This added benefit helps avoid potential FOG fines, inconvenient and costly drain back-ups, unpleasant odors, drain flies and unsanitary, bad-looking floor sink drains. Combined with Mother Earth Eco-Remediation’s Industrial Drain Cleaner, this complete microbial cleansing system can help eliminate virtually any build-up and blockages in problem drains, system-wide.

Mother Earth Eco-Remediation’s proprietary BIOTRATION technology generates the authentic industrial-strength cleaning power. The result of extensive research, this advanced bio-remediation technology enhances the cleaning power typically realized by biological agents by optimizing the proprietary combination of the numerous critical variables that constitute the BIOTRATE formula.


1 Gallon Floor Cleaner - $39.00

2.5 Gallon Floor Cleaner - $92.00

5 Gallon Floor Cleaner - $177.76

15 Gallon Floor Cleaner - $528.89