Heavy Duty Grease Cleaning Power

GA-2800 has been field-proven extremely effective in remediation operations where government regulations require contaminated soils, sludge and groundwater areas be returned to acceptable background levels. Applying GA-2800 speeds up clean-up time and saves person-hours. GA-2800 has an exceptional ability to degrade oils and petroleum hydrocarbon products.

GA-2800 Targets Tough Organics - The strains of bacteria present in GA-2800 are among nature's most powerful and useful degraders. Osprey Bio-technics' scientists have selected these strains for their exceptional abilities to oxidize a wide range of stubborn organics and priority pollutants.

Reduces BOD and TSS* - The exceptional point-of-use viability of GA-2800 assures the addition of billions of bacteria at the peak of their activity cycle with very versatile and sophisticated appetites. They provide enhanced removal efficiency of common wastewater organics. This increased efficiency no only allows higher organic loading, but also reduces effluent discharge of BOD and TSS.

Degrades Fats, Oils and Greases - The excellent fat and oil capabilities of GA-2800 reduce operational difficulties due to build-up. The sludge-settling and dewatering characteristics will be improved, and effluent discharge levels will be reduced. GA-2800 has also demonstrated effectiveness in reducing fat and protein accumulation in lift stations and grease traps.

Reduces Toxicity - Many regulatory agencies are adapting toxicity tests of wastewater discharges using fish and other aquatic life forms as the test animals. GA-2800 degrades many toxic organics commonly found in industrial effluent streams, thereby reducing the impact on the aquatic species used in these toxicity tests.

Shock Recovery - A program of regularly scheduled treatments with GA-2800 will establish high numbers of hardy and versatile bacteria which will diminish the effects of shock upsets, as well as provide quick recovery to acceptable operation parameters.

Odor Control - GA-2800 bacteria will out-compete and replace common odor producing microbes, thereby reducing or eliminating overall odor production.

Grows in up to 5% Saline Solution - This will allow for applications in brackish water, coastal marine industries and seafood industries including brined food production effluent and seagoing vessel holding tank effluent treatment.

*BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand
TSS: Total Suspended Solids


• Guaranteed quality-controlled products with high cell counts
• Exceptional bacterial enzyme activity
• Speeds breakdown and digestion of petroleum hydrocarbons
• Bacterial metabolism with aerobic growth
• Environmentally safe formulation containing non-pathogenic bacteria
• Long shelf life


1 Gallon GA-2800 - $58.10

5 Gallon GA-2800 - $261.45

15 Gallon GA-2800 - $733.13