Multi-Surface Cleaner

Eliminates Multiple Products
Mother Earth Eco’s Industrial Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner out performs the competition, works great on glass and delivers heavy duty cleaning power.

Designed specifically to remove dirt, grease, grime and stains on a variety of hard surfaces, our formula eliminates the need for multiple products. The superior cleaning and non-streaking performance is a result of state-of-the-art green and renewable surfactant technology. Especially formulated for cleaning glass, Plexi-glass, Lexan, mirrors, metal and other hard or shiny surfaces, Mother Earth Eco Multi-Surface Cleaner dries quickly and leaves the surface streak-free and squeaky-clean. Our Ammonia Free Formula removes stubborn stains and greasy deposits.

With so many different surfaces, it can be time-consuming to keep them all looking great. Now, with Mother Earth Eco’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, you can move from surface to surface without having to switch products.

Environmental Preferable Product
Mother Earth Eco’s Multi-Surface Cleaner is 100% natural, non-toxic and completely effective. It is readily biodegradable and contains no phosphates, monoethanolamoine (MEOA) or other dangerous chemicals. All ingredients are comprised of 100% natural, renewable Carbon Atoms.

Mother Earth Eco’s Industrial Strength Multi-Surface Cleaner is:

• Environmentally Conscience
• Simplifies Maintenance
• Reduces Management Costs
• Eliminates Streaks
• 100% All Natural
• Water-based
• Non-Caustic
• Cruelty Free
• Easy-to-use


32 oz Multi-Surface Cleaner - $5.99


1 Gallon Multi-Surface Cleaner - $14.99