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What is F.O.G build-up?
F.O.G build-up is the strain on every waste water management system. F.O.G build-up/accumulation causes back-ups and overflows that require expensive maintenance services including pump-outs, hydro-jetting and odor control. Overflow and backups are not only expensive, they are also detrimental to the eco system and employee health.

The Science Behind O.F.R (Organic Fog Remediation)
Mother Earth Eco uses the all-natural, non-toxic power of O.F.R., to eliminate F.O.G build-up. O.F.R is a unique proprietary product that contains a natural balance of trillions of living microbes that actually metabolize F.O.G into water and carbon dioxide, making waste water fit for downstream transfer and drastically reduce the need for costly periodic pump-outs or hydro-jetting.

Naturally digesting F.O.G eliminates problems, rather than pumping them out and paying for their disposal. O.F.R’s natural microbial digestion process also eliminates the production of hydrogen sulfide, reduces odors and improves reliability in systems managing F.O.G.Loading Dock