Our Committment

Our Committment to Clean Water

Mother Earth Eco is committed to doing our part to remedy and manage wastes that are overwhelming our planet in an environmental and sustainable manner. Clean water should be everyone’s responsibility. Developing a custom F.O.G remediation plan with Mother Earth Eco is an important first step in keeping our water clean.

Make the commitment to make your management system an eco-solution with Mother Earth Eco-Remediations today!

Cost Effective. Extreme Power. Green.
At Mother Earth Eco we are committed to cost-effectiveness. It’s a key metric we use in evaluating the performance of all of our treatments and the driving force behind Mother Earth eco proprietary formulation technology, called BIOTRATION. At the core of the cleaning action is our exclusive microbial cleaning blend featuring wide spectrum waste removal and a tremendous cleaning ability fueled by its 1 Trillion CFU (Colony Forming Units) per gallon concentration. The safe and voracious microorganisms digest organic grease and sludge in, on and around dumpsters leaving only water and carbon dioxide behind. They systematically out-compete and literally starve the odor-causing, unhealthy bacteria and prevent new sludge build-ups from occurring. Their rapid replication and colonization rate coupled with powerful earth-friendly detergents, render the BIOTRATE formulas cleaning power unmatched in any category.

When the Dock & Dumpster product enters floor drains, the BIOTRATE microbes continue eating accumulated fats, oils, and grease and other organic waste thereby helping avoid inconvenient and costly back-ups, messy overflows, unpleasant odors, business disruptions and unsanitary, bad-looking floor drains.

Numerous field trials and customer case studies continue to demonstrate the extreme cleaning efficacy of BIOTRATE formulations and their ability to outperform competing green and traditional cleaning products. All Mother Earth Eco products are subject to stringent quality controls, helping guarantee top notch product performance.