Marty Cook

“Effluent concentrations of Fat’s, Oil, and Grease (FOG) have reduced nicely coming from the Casino properties over the last few months. In May the effluent concentrations were averaging 671 mg/l for FOG as tested by our personnel. Since that time we have seen a noticeable difference in the appearance and concentrations. For the months of September and October the effluent concentration averaged 36 mg/l for FOG. We believe this is due to a variety of responses taken by the Casino Personnel. These included proper maintenance of the Grease Traps, proper kitchen procedures, as well as the use of an organic remediation solution. As a result of the use of these steps the system producing a greatly reduced concentration of FOG into our system and we have felt no adverse affects to the use of this product at this time.”

Marty Cook, Wastewater Pre-treatment Coordinator